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About 413

413 goes by many names. “The 413.” “413 strain.” “413 OG.” No matter what it calls itself, it’s a powerhouse Indica-dominant (slightly)

strain bred by Mycotek Seeds. They combined Chem 91 and Gorilla Dawg to make a combo as classic as its parents. For people who suffer from muscle issues, you know that chronic tightness leads to chronic tightness. And that leads to pain. But 413 is famous among arthritis, fibro, and other sufferers for its ability to release cramps and spams. It could be heaven-sent for people who can barely think through a fog of pain during the day. For the rest of you, if you want a powerful, spicy, sleepy strain to relax to, 413 is a good friend to have.

In about 63 days, you’ll have 413 flowers pushing through these crazy-vigorous plants. Your 413 is going to grow stacked like an unstoppable plague of leaves and push out a ton of bud. The scent of your garden is going to be a pungent cross between diesel and diesel so if you’re not tough enough for that, you might want to run off and find some 412 – I heard it smells like bubblegum and cupcakes.

But if you can handle the full 413, you’ll get small olivey nugs, unevenly spread with orange hairs and tiny trichomes. They produce a lot of resin and have become relatively famous for making great concentrates for those who are big into diesel.

The heavy yield yields heavy effects. Your brand-new classic strain starts with a full-bodied heady effect that gives you euphoria all over, a dose of perfect upliftment (is that a word? On 413, it’s a word). Your mind will expand beyond the need for sadness, WAY past the possibility for stress, and you’ll feel warm, washed over, and buzzing. Unless you’re taking 413 to help with pain, you should restrict yourself to a time when you don’t mind falling asleep since the strain will put you out in no time. This isn’t a wake and bake – it’s a bake and nap.

For those who are using it for a pain condition related to cramping or muscle spasms, 413 can provide a lot of help. It’s known for reducing resting spasticity, as well as helping people deal with tension-related insomnia.

The flavor is a super heavy mixture of diesel, skunk, herbs, and earth. The strain will get more sour the more you smoke, hinting at an inner spiciness that advanced palettes love to find at the end of each exhale. 413 provides a lot of help for pain, but it’s a good one to pal around with if you can handle 25% THC and a heavy nap even if you just want to sleep.


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