Wikileaf & BudBytes Are Teaming Up to Make Menus Easier

Wikileaf and BudBytes are teaming up to alleviate the headache created by countless hours of manually updating your menu. Thanks to BudBytes, creating a live, handsfree menu is easy. You simply set-up your account, sync your point-of-sale, and let the system do the rest.

Save 10% off your BudBytes subscription when you sign-up with your Wikileaf account.

All new BudBytes customers get a 2-week FREE trial!

What can BudBytes do for your dispensary?

  • Help you manage every detail of the products shown on your Wikileaf menu, without hassle.
  • Fully sync your Wikileaf menu for seamless inventory updates.
  • With eight POS options to choose from, we’re making automation easy and accessible.
  • BudBytes automatically scans your inventory directly from Wikileaf and sends those updates across all of your marketing media every hour.

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Supported Point of Sale Systems

POS system

  • GreenBits
  • FlowHub
  • Cova
  • MJ Freeway
  • MMJ Menu
  • BioTrack
  • WeedWare
  • Treez


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