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About Blue Train

Blue Train, sometimes known as Blue Haze Train, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has both bag appeal and potent cerebral effects. This strain was conceived by prolific growers Rare Dankness Seeds, the same purveyors of Tangerine Kush, and is a cross between the ubiquitous Blueberry and Nevil’s Wreck. This bud wows consumers with an alert mindset that is soon tempered by mellow relaxation. The strain’s THC content has been measured at between 16% and 20%.

Blue Train’s flowers are medium to large in size and adhere in a solid, elliptical formation. These buds are compact at their core but somewhat ragged and fluffy at the edges, thereby betraying their sativa roots. The spiraling leaves are a mossy green and are threaded through with vibrant orange pistils. Cloudy white trichomes coat the surfaces of these thick buds, making they very sticky and difficult to break up by hand.

Blueberry is the predominant scent that wafts up from these impressive flowers. A second whiff also reveals sweet and sour notes of skunk. Meanwhile, grinding up these nuggets yields some herbal hints of sage, possibly passed on from parent strain Nevil’s Wreck. When it is combusted in a pipe or a joint, Blue Train burns with a harsh and acrid smoke that can sting the palate. On the exhale, this thick smoke carries a sweet and slightly sour blueberry flavor.

Despite its mostly sativa properties, Blue Train is a creeper that takes hold gradually. Several minutes after coughing on its smoke, users may begin to feel a flushing in the cheeks, along with a pressure around the temples or an increase in salivation. Once acclimated to these sensations, though, consumers may find themselves immersed in their own internal monologues, bouncing between thoughts or associations. This mindset can enable chattiness and good vibes when shared with like-minded friends in a party setting. In more subdued surroundings, Blue Trin can enhance focus on complex, problem-oriented tasks; it may also open up new pathways of creativity to facilitate brainstorming. Some time after feeling these cerebral effects, consumers may begin to sink into a more relaxed and weighty feeling. Waves of sedation roll down from the neck and radiate outward through the spine and core. While these feelings may relieve any lingering muscular tension and can allow for deep and restorative breathing, Blue Train is not like to incapacitate smokers completely — instead, the soothing sensation on its backend serves to take the edge off of its energetic onset. This strain’s enhancement of both physical and mental faculties makes it a good way to enjoy activities that involve full body and mind coordination, like playing video games or exercising. Because of its decline in energy levels, Blue Train is recommended for later afternoon to evening use.

Blue Train’s versatile effects can also have several benefits for medical cannabis patients. Its initial brain buzz can assist concentration for those with attention deficit disorders. The bud’s easygoing, uplifting vibe can also alleviate the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. On the physical end of the spectrum, Blue Train may soothe pain, whether it’s chronic and disease-related, or more common and incidental, like nausea. Note that because it can bring about intense, recursive patterns of thinking, this strain is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or anxiety.

Seeds of Blue Train are not produced for commercial sale. As such, prospective home growers should obtain clippings of mature, healthy plants in order to foster genetically identical “clones.” The strain’s plants can be grown indoors or out, although success outdoor depends on a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures in the 70s (Fahrenheit). These sativa-inflected plants tend to grow tall and may need to be trimmed back in order to fit in limited indoor spaces. Blue Train flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors. It offers a high yield of flowers at harvest time — in fact, growers may need to artificially support their crops’ branches with stakes and string to keep them from drooping under the weight of Blue Train’s large buds.

With its multifaceted high, Blue Train is good for having a day that transitions from productivity to thorough relaxation. If you bring it around to shared with friends, be sure to have plenty, as this strain’s pleasant aroma is sure to attract some attention.


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